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The Introduction

Welcome to the official website of award winning musical theatre composer and author Paul Graham Brown.

Paul is based in Berlin, Germany, and has had an international career in musical theatre spanning 20 years. He has written music, book and lyrics (one or more, or all three) for a multitude of full-scale musicals, which have been performed in the UK, US and Continental Europe. The world of Paul Graham Brown is melodic, emotional, urgent, thought provoking, and a celebration of life’s highs and lows. It is sometimes sad, sometimes funny. It is always memorable.

Paul’s passion for all aspects of musical theatre has also made him a sought after stage director and instructor in performance and the craftsmanship of musical writing.

This website provides background and contact information for anyone wishing to produce an existing Paul Graham Brown work, for those interested in developing a new work and for actors or writers who wish to find out about workshop opportunities.

The Connection

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