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The Press

  • "Paul Graham Brown [...] is responsible for book, music and lyrics. The result is convincing. [...] From the opening totalitarian propaganda song "What the Radio Says", to the emotional turning point "Who Could I Tell?", which culminates in a glistening finale, Brown shows himself to be a skillful music maker."
    (JUGEND OHNE GOTT, Frankfurter Neue Presse)
  • "[...] A triumphant success. [...]"
    (ZUCKER/SUGAR, Nürnberger Nachrichten)
  • "He [Brown] works with leitmotif, and also captures the catchy elegance of Andrew Lloyd Webber's melodies. [...] Dissonance and complex harmonies are reminiscent of Stephen Sondheim. [...] Brown doesn't copy, he collects inspirations and creates his own musical language."
    (RASPUTIN, musicalzentrale)
  • "The detailed character drawing is one of the big strengths of the story."
  • "Paul Graham Brown combines a historical subject with a moving fictional story of old secrets and new hopes and dreams. There are surprising plot twists and multi-faceted characters, [...] the story is timeless and could be played anywhere."
  • "Simply spectacular [...] it's nothing short of a masterpiece, what Birgit Simmler and Paul Graham Brown have brought to the stage here."
    (DIE HATZFELDT, Oberhessische Presse)
  • "The Americans have Stephen Sondheim, who we in Germany hardly know. But we have Paul Graham Brown, who time and time again inspires us with new musical ideas. [...] When the secretive King Kong shows up personally at the Kleines Theater it is one of those special moments of theatre that nobody should miss. Musical theatre doesn't get much bigger than this."
    (KING KONG, blickpunkt musicals)
  • "[...] the score is extraordinarily theatrical, smart and well made. [...]"
  • "The snappy little historical musical, "DYNMITE" [...] not only offers a richly varied range of songs, but also an entertaining history lesson [...] in a coherent production that proves you don't need a big outlay to make good theatre."
    (DYNAMIT!, orpheus Oper international 1 + 2 2012)
  • "[...] Emotion, historical detail and catchy songs. [...]"
    (THE FIGHT OF THE CENTURY, Bild Zeitung)
  • "The songs are beautiful [...] the overall impression in this piece is one of charm and warmth. It displays the courage of its own convictions and never patronises its audience [...] its honesty of intent and execution is its greatest strength."
    (FAIRYSTORIES, Global Search for Musicals Jury, Cardiff/London)
  • "[...] an almost inexhaustible abundance of melodies and songs. [...] Motto: simple brilliance."
    (BONNIE & CLYDE, musicals magazine)
  • "I have seldom spent such an entertaining evening in the theatre. [...] Brown's music is as inventive as his excellent script. Catchy and melodic [...] high quality, multi-faceted show."
    (ONLY BIRDS & ANGELS, The Lincoln Chronicle)

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