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Music, book & lyrics by Paul Graham Brown
(German translation by Nina Schneider)

Alfred Nobel, the inventor of dynamite, is fascinated by Bertha von Suttner, the famous peace activist. The conflict is pre-destined; on one side a man whose inventions revolutionised warfare, on the other a woman who awakened the world to the concept of an international peace movement. And nevertheless the two are magically drawn to each other, to which a life long letter correspondence can attest.
But there is another young woman, staking claim to Nobel's heart ...
And lurking in the sidelines is a young Serbian terrorist waiting for the exact moment when he can use Nobel's dynamite to further his own ideals ...

"Dynamite!" is an explosive and romantic grand tour through the passions and dreams of four souls thrown together in the dying days of fin de siècle Europe.

Production history:

Kleines Theater, Berlin (Premiere), January 2011

Cast size:

2 men, 2 women
Scored for 1 Musician (Piano/Keyboards). Can be expanded on request.

Performance rights available from Felix Bloch Erben Verlag, Berlin