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show dogs

Musical by Paul Graham Brown and Nina Schneider

Music by Paul Graham Brown,
Book & Lyrics by Nina Schneider
(English translation by Paul Graham Brown)


Madcap goings-on at a provincial dog show. The ambitious and over excited dog owners think they are all here for their four legged friends to win the coveted "best of show" accolade. The dogs know otherwise; their owners have serious difficulties keeping their lives on track. And the dogs have made it their mission to bring everyone back to their senses.

"The concept that the dog-actors also slip into the roles of their owners' nearest and dearest provides for a great deal of verve and energy ... the musical thread reaches from rock numbers through jazzy sounds to catchy ballads ... the duets between dogs and humans particularly stand out, with Nina Schneider's clever rhymes emphasising the opposing mentalities of man and dog" musicals magazine).

Production history:

Abraxas Musical Academy, Munich (Premiere) July 2007
International Musical Theatre Festival, Graz, Austria, August 2007
Theater Remise, Bern, Switzerland, May 2010

Cast size:

4 Men (One off stage) 6 Women (Can be expanded)

Scored for Piano/keyboards, Bass Guitar and Drums

NOTE: This is a great show for schools. All the main characters have a solo song, and half of the actors get to play humans AND dogs. Great fun. There is a version of the show available which incorporates a full ensemble of singing and dancing sheep and poodles. Details on request.

Performance rights available from Felix Bloch Erben Verlag, Berlin