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The Fight of the Century

Music & Lyrics by Paul Graham Brown, Book by James Edward Lyons. (German translation by James Edward Lyons).

Based on the legendary boxing fights between Max Schmeling and Joe Louis. Set in Berlin and America in the 1930s, this powerful musical tells the story of two men who just want to box. One is a young German who in his homeland is the biggest celebrity of his day, the other a young black American known as the Brown Bomber. Their rise to sporting greatness coincides with the rise of Hitler, and the two opponents are suddenly thrown into the political arena. The boxing ring becomes not only the showplace for their personal dreams but a symbol for democracy versus dictatorship.

"Emotion, historical detail, catchy songs: a musical Knock Out!" (Bild Zeitung)
"hard as nails, angry and courageous ... a great musical" (MusicalClub24)
"I have hardly ever experienced such electrifying intensity on the musical stage" (Blickpunkt musicals)

Production history:

Tribüne Theater, Berlin (Premiere) October 2008

Cast size:

7 men, 2 women
Scored for Piano/Keyboards and 1 Reed player

Performance rights available from Felix Bloch Erben Verlag, Berlin